Adhesives & Coatings

Various grades of Gum Rosin for use in the manufacture of adhesives, coatings and resins.
Halogen-free Flame Retardant products for coatings, plastics and compounds: Ammonium Polyphosphates, Melamine Cyanurate, P-N based intumescents, Melamine and Penta
Yser produce a range of glycol, penta and other rosin ester tackifiers, phenol and phenol-free modified rosin ester resins, aqueous dispersions and various other modified gum rosins.  These include products with broad FDA approval for food contact and low VOC applications.
Inorganic Invisible Fluorescents, Organic Invisible Fluorescents, H Series Phosphors,  S Series Phosphors, Apex Thermochromic Pigments.
Ultramarine Blues & Violets, Iron Oxides, Lead Chromates & Molybdates, Chrome Oxide Green Pigments, Anticorrosive Pigments, Zinc Ferrite Pigments

Brilliants' fluorescent pigments for use within paints, inks, plastics, PVC, paper coatings and many other applications.

Lanco™, Lanco™ Wax, Lanco™ Glidd, Lanco™ Matt / Liquimatt, Aquaslip™, Ircogel® / Ircothix®, Lanco™ Additives, Lubrizol® 2061,2,3, Lubrizol® 2064, Solsperse® / Solplus® Resins and Polymers: Carboset, Sancure, Permax, Carbotac, Carbobond, Hycar
Nitro Química has the most modern nitrocellulose plant in the world, is among the largest worldwide producers and exports to more than 60 countries.
Coloray range of natural mica based pearlescent pigments, Raystar range of glass-flake based diamond effect pigments, and Raystal range of synthetic mica based crystal effect pigments.